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Happy Days; With You: Chapter Two

Title: Happy Days; With You
Part: Chapter Two: Cup of Coffee and Rain, Rain, Rain
Previous Parts: Prologue, Chapter One
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae, some Yesung/Ryeowook, Henry/Ryeowook.
Rating: PG-13 (sensuality)
Word Count: 4,300
Synopsis: Donghae returns from China and comes to realize his true feelings towards Eunhyuk in a relationship that transcends friendship.

Hello! ^ ^ I'm back. I survived my exams and I think I did pretty well on them, hehe! Thank you all for being patient. ^^; From now on HD;WY will be a weekly Saturday update until it finishes, barring extreme writer's block or other fan fiction catastrophes such as computerless vacations. I hope you enjoy this chapter, and please stick with it!! =)
Also wow, this chapter is a LOT longer than chapter one was, lol!

Thanks to tvxqsocks for helping me to edit this.

Cup of Coffee and Rain, Rain, Rain

Without opening his eyes Donghae knew that it was light again and that Eunhyuk was still there with him. His head felt sleepy and thick; he must have slept for a long time. He was perfectly comfortable, surrounded by the warmth of the other boy, buried beneath his thick comforter.

He was a little surprised that someone hadn’t disturbed them yet. He’d have expected Heechul to come bounding in welcoming him back, but maybe Hangeng had convinced Heechul to let him sleep. He stretched and sleepily turned over on his side, slinging an arm over Eunhyuk.

Eunhyuks stirred. Donghae opened his eyes and blinked blearily to find Eunhyuk looking into them, an enigmatic expression on his face.

“Sorry, did I wake you?” Donghae asked quietly, rubbing his eyes.

Eunhyuk shook his head slightly. “No,” he said, and then immediately blushed. He pried Donghae’s arms off and stood up. Donghae blinked.

“Sorry,” he said. “I’ll see you later, okay?”

Donghae sat up, looking at Eunhyuk with a puzzled expression. “Okay.”

Eunhyuk quickly left the room and shut the door behind him.

Donghae exhaled. What was up with that? It was unusual for Eunhyuk to leave so hurriedly. Donghae ran his hand thoughtfully over his hair, ineffectively trying to smooth out his bed head. He might as well get up now; he was no longer sleepy.

Donghae bit his lip, filled with a new anxiety. Why did Eunhyuk leave so quickly? He swung his feet out of bed and got up. He looked in his mirror briefly and smiled at himself briefly, and then he pinched his cheeks and opened his door.

“Yah!” Eeteuk called, hearing the click of his door opening. Donghae walked out to see Eeteuk looking over the back of the couch at him. He grinned as he spotted Donghae.

Donghae grinned back. “Hyung,” he said, simply. One word was enough.

Eeteuk stood up and rhetorically asked how he’d slept and hugged him.

Donghae laughed and hugged Eeteuk back. “It’s good to see you, hyung!” he said.

“You worked hard in China, didn’t you?”

“Nn,” Donghae nodded once. Eeteuk released him and ruffled his hair, showing his approval of him.

“Did Eunhyuk…?”

“He left,” Eeteuk said, an understanding smile on his face, “but he said he’d be back later.”

“Oh,” Donghae said, immediately relieved and uplifted.

Eeteuk pulled him over to the couch and asked him about this and that, wondering how he’d eaten in China, if he was happy to be back, the normal sort of questions that Eeteuk would ask out of concern as Donghae’s hyung. Somewhere in the mixture of news he mentioned that Hangeng and Heechul had gone below to the first dorm, and Shindong was out on his schedule.

“Don’t you have a schedule too, hyung?” Donghae asked.

Eeteuk explained that he didn’t have to do radio today, so he was relaxing by watching television. Donghae nodded. Of course. He used to take part in Kiss the Radio too, before he’d left to participate in Super Junior-M. That meant that Eunhyuk didn’t have a schedule today either...

“Hold on, what time is it?” Donghae said, walking over to the kitchen with Eeteuk and bending over to take a carton of milk out of the refrigerator.

“It’s almost three in the afternoon,” Eeteuk said with a hissing laugh.

“What?” Donghae looked up sharply, and checked the clock himself. It really was almost three. Donghae straightened and looked thoughtfully into space, holding the milk limply with one hand. If Eunhyuk had woken up at a normal time…

He’d stayed there that long awake? Donghae blushed and quickly took a bowl out of the cupboard and filled it with cereal.

“How come no one woke me up?” Donghae asked, his head lowered. He didn’t want Eeteuk to see his face.

Eeteuk smothered a laugh and sat down at the table. “Hankyung said you were really tired, so we decided to let you sleep….”

Donghae paused, a spoonful of cereal suspended midway between his bowl and his mouth. “Oh,” he said quietly. “Really…?”

“Aren’t we nice?”

“Honestly, I thought you’d disregard that and wake me up anyway,” Donghae said, looking at Eeteuk with a raised eyebrow as he chewed his breakfast.

Eeteuk made a clucking noise with his tongue. “Really…”

Donghae smiled. They were comfortable with each other; through the years they’d bridged their age gap and became friends.

Donghae yawned and cleaned his bowl in the sink, earning an approving look from Eeteuk, who valued cleanliness. Donghae liked to be clean, too; it saved the ahjumma who took care of them time and energy, and it was such a simple thing to do - why not?

He excused himself to take a shower and returned to his room. He made his bed, unintentionally reminding himself of Eunhyuk - why had he, why would he, lie there for hours if he wasn’t sleeping?

He sighed and tousled his hair. What was the big deal, though? It was comfortable to sleep with Eunhyuk. Maybe Eunhyuk was just afraid he’d wake Donghae up if he left. That made sense, didn’t it?

He unpacked his suitcase, carrying all of his dirty clothing to the laundry basket. He hadn’t actually brought back much of his own clothing; the managers took care of their stage clothing, so Donghae had filled most of the space in his suitcase with gifts for the other members and his family. He piled the gifts against the wall opposite his bed.

He closed his now empty suitcase and put it away in the closet. He carried his toiletries, a change of clothes, and a clean towel to the bathroom and shut the door. He turned on the hot water and stripped, throwing his clothes into the laundry basket. It was nice to be able to use his own bathroom again; the ahjumma kept it in a very clean state despite it being used by five men.

He scrubbed himself down and shampooed his hair. He leaned against the wall in the steamy shower, his thoughts wandering to what was most immediately bothering him. It did perturb him that Eunhyuk would lie awake with him for so many hours. But it didn’t make him angry or upset - he was happy to have him there.

Happy? His heart beat faster, an uncomfortable anxiety filling his chest. Why did that make him so happy?

He ran his fingers through his hair, rinsing the last of the shampoo foam out, closing his eyes and letting the hot water run over his face.

He reminded himself that he’d always enjoyed spending time with Eunhyuk; hadn’t he always sought him out? And this was the first time he’d seen him in months. He was just happy to have spent time with him, that’s all. What he was feeling wasn’t anything abnormal.

He turned the water off, dried himself, and dressed into a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. He towel dried his hair and added a light amount of product to it and returned to his room.

He shut and locked the door behind him and sat down on his bed. He gathered his knees to him and rested his head on them, his towel hanging over his head and making a small cave for him to hide in.

He felt uncomfortable. He imagined Eunhyuk lying in between his arms and Eunhyuk watching him as he slept, and his heart rate accelerated, his cheeks flushing. He gripped his head between his hands and told himself to stop it.

He stood up and tossed the towel over the back of his chair and looked at himself in the mirror. His expression wasn’t pretty. He tried smiling, but that just made him look depressed. Even though he’d slept for almost twelve hours, his eyes looked puffy and tired.

“Donghae,” Eeteuk said, knocking on his door lightly.

Donghae jumped. He quickly cleared his expression as best he could and opened the door. “What is it, hyung?”

“Aren’t you going to go downstairs?” Eeteuk said, leaning on his doorframe.

A rush of panic shot through him. Eunhyuk would be downstairs. He didn’t want to see him yet.

“Ah…,” Donghae stalled.

“You should go downstairs,” Eeteuk said. “Everyone wants to see you,”

Donghae smiled a little. “Say, hyung…” he ran a hand through his hair, looking past Eeteuk.


“Have you ever...really wanted to see someone, and…” he exhaled, finding it difficult to find the words, “you feel really happy when they’re with you? Even though...that person isn’t a...a lover, or anything…”

Eeteuk looked thoughtfully at him. “Sure, my parents,” he answered easily.

Donghae shook his head. “Not like a parent.”

“Ah…,” Eeteuk scratched the side of his face with a finger, thinking. He snapped his fingers. “There is!” he said. “Someone I like.”

“Someone you like?”

Eeteuk nodded, and continued to elucidate, “If there’s someone I like, and I think about them and think about them, and I really want to meet them, of course I feel very happy when I do get to see them.”

“Ah...right, I see,” Donghae said, feeling no less worried than before.


“No reason.”

“Go downstairs,” Eeteuk said, clapping him on the shoulder.

Donghae nodded. Of course he’d have to go. He couldn’t hide up here just because he was feeling this way. Eunhyuk probably didn’t think anything weird about it. But then again...he’d left so hastily.

He put it out of his mind and put some various accessories in his pockets that he probably would not need: his wallet and keys.

He said goodbye to Eeteuk and left, locking the door behind him. He sighed and turned to go downstairs, but stopped mid-step. Eunhyuk was standing at the bottom of the stairs on the landing, one flight above the floor that he lived on.

“Hyukjae,” Donghae said quietly, his heart hammering.

Eunhyuk smiled. He was wearing a jacket and held an umbrella in one hand.

“Let’s go out,” he said, quickly ascending the stairs and taking Donghae by the hand. Automatically his own hand held onto Eunhyuk’s, and Eunhyuk pulled him down the stairs and towards the exit of the building, ignoring Donghae’s single halfhearted protest.

“Where are we going?” Donghae asked as he followed Eunhyuk outside the building and across the pavement towards the shopping and restaurant district near their dorms. It was drizzling lightly, but not enough to make Eunhyuk open the umbrella.

“Let’s go get a coffee,” he answered cheerfully.

“A coffee?” Donghae blinked. Eunhyuk stopped on a corner and put on a pair of sunglasses.

“Why not?” Eunhyuk pulled Donghae’s hood up and took an extra second to straighten it and piece out his bangs.

“Hyukjae, we’re still really recognizable,” Donghae said, laughing.

“It’s better than nothing...no one really bothers us here anyway,” he said. “We go to the supermarket all the time.”


“Yeah,” Eunhyuk said, taking Donghae’s hand again.

“Don’t...people will think it’s weird…,” Donghae said quietly, his heart fluttering in his chest, that in turn making him feel oddly ashamed.

“Nobody will care,” Eunhyuk said, not releasing his fingers.

Donghae blushed. Resignedly, he held his hand. Not holding it was going to be far more awkward.

They walked down several streets, Eunhyuk assuredly leading the way, talking energetically with him. Donghae found himself smiling, enjoying their easy conversation and forgetting his earlier uneasiness.

“Here,” Eunhyuk said, pointing to a small, neat cafe in front of them. There were very few people inside.

“It’s small, but it’s really nice,” Eunhyuk said, opening the door. A small bell above the door rang and one of the girls working behind the counter softly called a welcome.

They bobbed their heads in greeting and walked up to the counter, Donghae eyeing the menu. Dongae could feel Eunhyuk’s eyes on him as he looked for something he wanted to drink, but he resisted the urge to look at him. Let him look if he wanted.

Donghae ordered a cappuccino and Eunhyuk ordered a latte. They sat down at a table in a secluded corner of the cafe and waited for their drinks to come. Eunhyuk laid his umbrella down on the table.

Eunhyuk tilted his head, looking at Donghae. Donghae looked back at him until he couldn’t stand to anymore.

“What is it?” Donghae said, shifting uncomfortably.

“Nothing,” Eunhyuk said, lifting his eyebrows slightly. “I just haven’t seen you in awhile.”

“Eeteuk said the others want to see me,” he said, leaning forward and resting his chin in his hands, concentrating on the design of the table.

“They do,” Eunhyuk replied. “They wanted me to bring you straight back to the dorm, actually.”

“Why didn’t you?” Donghae looked up.

Eunhyuk smiled coyly.  “They can wait for a few hours, “ he said, taking off his sunglasses and laying them on the table.

“It’s like you’ve got me prisoner,” Donghae said, laughing.

Eunhyuk looked at him seriously from across the table. “I do,” he said. “You’re my prisoner.”

Donghae laughed again. “What is that?”

The girl brought their drinks to them and shyly laid them down, being careful not to spill anything. They muttered their thanks, and she left, blushing.

Donghae cupped his drink with his hands and stared down at it. He was really very flattered that Eunhyuk was paying attention to him like this; usually it was Donghae that sought Eunhyuk out, and Eunhyuk often shut him out and danced away. He was really pleased that Eunhyuk wanted time alone with him.

“You know,” Donghae said, looking up. “I really missed you.”

“I know,” Eunhyuk said.

“Hyukjae-ah, are you happy to see me?”

“I’m really happy!”

Donghae genuinely smiled. It wasn’t just he who was happy. He poked at the foam on top of his cappuccino.

Donghae asked Eunhyuk about what he’d done while he was away; everything he hadn’t been able to ask him over the phone he asked him now. Eunhyuk in turn questioned him about China, easily passing an hour.

“Ah,” Donghae exclaimed, looking outside. “It’s raining harder now.”

Eunhyuk sipped his coffee, looking out the window. It was indeed raining heavily; the streets ran with water and people dived through it with umbrellas, seeking shelter.

“You knew it would,” Donghae said, looking at the umbrella that Eunhyuk had brought. Eunhyuk nodded.

“It should rain all day...rain, rain, rain,” he said under his breath, leaning his chin on his palm, watching the rain fall.

Donghae watched him, and Eeteuk’s words came back to him. Someone I like. Donghae mentally shook his head and looked out the window again, trying hard not to blush. He didn’t like Eunhyuk like that.

When they decided to leave, Donghae convinced Eunhyuk to let him pay, and he left the correct sum of money on the table behind them.

Eunhyuk waited for him by the door. When Donghae reached him, he extended the umbrella and covered them both as they left. Donghae’s fingers closed over Eunhyuk’s and then he took the umbrella for him and they stepped out into the rain.

“It’s slippery, so be careful…,” Donghae said. “I got you some presents, by the way,”

“You did?” Eunhyuk said happily, grinning. Donghae nodded, his smile matching Eunhyuk’s.

“What did you get me?”

“I won’t tell you! I’ll give them to you later,” Donghae said.

“Tell me!” Eunhyuk said, spinning around and walking backwards, smiling at Donghae.

Donghae shook his head, suppressing laughter. “If I tell you, you’ll lose the surprise.”

“No, I want to know!” he said, skipping backwards at the edge of the umbrella. He ignored the raindrops hitting his head and shoulders and smiled playfully at Donghae as he skipped backwards, paying no attention to Donghae’s light plaintive call for him to get out of the rain.

Donghae looked up at the sky, and in a horrifying moment he heard the squelch of a shoe, and he looked down. His heart stopped as he watched Eunhyuk slip off of the sidewalk and fall towards incoming traffic.

Without thinking about what he was doing, he dropped the umbrella and grabbed Eunhyuk and pulled him off of the street as a car honked loudly and swerved to the side.

Donghae hugged Eunhyuk tightly, his heart hammering more rapidly than it had ever before in his life.

“Sorry,” Eunhyuk said, his voice shocked and scared. “I’m sorry.”

A dry sob escaped Donghae’s throat. He watched traffic drive by next to them, an empty, horrifying what if ringing in his head. Eunhyuk gently hugged Donghae’s waist.

“Donghae, I’m sorry.”

“You’re okay?” Donghae asked quietly, pulling back and holding Eunhyuk’s face between his hands. Eunhyuk nodded. Donghae nodded and took a deep breath. He picked the umbrella up and held it above them again, even though they were now both soaked.

“I’m sorry,” Eunhyuk said again, blushing with embarrassment.

Donghae lightly smacked him on the top of his head without any feeling. “Be careful,” he said shakily and held Eunhyuk’s hand. He was able to feel Eunhyuk’s pulse racing.

They walked back to the dorm in silence, Donghae absorbed in his own thoughts of relief. Eunhyuk looked mildly shaken and held Donghae’s hand tightly, keeping his gaze locked on the ground. Donghae stopped outside of the building and shook out the umbrella.

“Don’t look so upset,” Donghae said lightly. “You don’t want to talk about it, right?”

Eunhyuk nodded. Donghae smiled and squeezed his hand. They walked into the building and up to Eunhyuk’s dorm. Donghae took a deep breath on the stairs. If he was going to tell Eunhyuk to lighten up, he had to do so himself, and he could feel the tension in his own face.

“I think they’ll swarm you,” Eunhyuk said, laughing a little. He took out his key and opened the door.

Sungmin’s face appeared on the other side of the door, smiling widely. “Donghae!” he said, smiling and then jumping back in surprise.

“You’re all wet!” he said, laughing. “What happened? You brought an umbrella!”

“It was raining sideways,” Donghae said, glancing at Eunhyuk. “Can I dry off here?”

“Sure!” Sungmin opened the door for them to enter. “I’d hug you, but, y’know...oh well, it’s really good to see you, Donghae!” he gave him a quick one-armed hug.

“It’s good to see you too, hyung,” Donghae said, smiling.

They took off their shoes and socks and set them in the tiled entryway to dry. Sungmin left to go get towels for them and announced their arrival to the rest of the members. It sounded like they were playing video games in the main room. Donghae heard Kangin give a whoop.

Eunhyuk and Donghae rolled up their pant legs and walked into the spacious apartment. They were greeted enthusiastically at first, and then Heechul caught sight of how wet they were and laughed, making fun of them.

Eunhyuk disappeared into his room as Sungmin reappeared and handed Donghae a towel, leading him to the bathroom. Donghae pulled his wallet out of his pocket and set it on the counter; thankfully it hadn’t gotten too wet, as his hoodie had absorbed most of the moisture.

Eunhyuk came back and threw Donghae a change of clothes. He returned to his own room to change, taking a towel from Sungmin.

Donghae closed the door and stripped his outer clothing off. He hung his clothes over the shower to dry and dried himself off. He changed into Eunhyuk’s clothing, a t-shirt and sweat pants, vaguely aware that it was his. He turned on their hair dryer and quickly dried his wallet off with it.

Towel drying his hair, he walked out and was immediately pounced on by Kangin.

“He’s back, he’s back!” Kangin crowed, head locking him with one arm.

“Hyung!” Donghae said, laughing, his towel partially blocking his view. Sungmin welcomed him more enthusiastically as Kangin dragged him towards the couch.

He said hello to the group; Ryeowook and Hangeng waved at him. Ryeowook was sitting on the couch next to Yesung, watching Heechul and Kyuhyun play a video game on the television, who both spared a distracted “Ah, Donghae, you’re back.”

Donghae flopped down on the couch and slung his towel around his neck. Yesung quietly greeted him and Donghae smiled back.

“Did you buy us anything?” Heechul said without looking at him, his fingers furiously pressing buttons on his controller. Eunhyuk quietly reappeared and settled down next to Donghae.

“Hyung,” Donghae said, laughing. “You haven’t even looked at me properly and that’s what you want to know?”

“Aish!” he said, as Kyuhyun won the game and sat back with a smirk. Heechul set the controller down and shoved Kangin aside so he could sit next to Donghae. Kangin pushed Heechul in retaliation, and Heechul sent him a withering glance.

Heechul kissed Donghae’s cheek and asked after his health. Donghae answered that he was well, laughing. Eunhyuk lowered his head to rest on Donghae’s shoulder as they talked. Heechul made some cursory conversation with him before returning to his underlying goal.

“Now then, did you get me anything?” Heechul asked, looking expectantly at Donghae.

“Hankyung got you things!” Donghae whined. “Where is he?”

“He went back upstairs because he’s sleepy,” Heechul said as Kangin reached past Heechul to join in asking for gifts, poking Donghae hard in the ribs.

“I bought you things, I bought you things! Ow!”

Kangin stopped and eagerly said, “What did you get me? Clothes?”

“No, I was talking to Heechul-hyung.”


“I got you a shirt, geez!” Donghae said, laughing. “I’m hungry. Let’s order something, hyung.”

“Order what you want,” Heechul yawned, picking up Kangin’s arm and slinging it across his shoulders so he could settle into Kangin’s side and close his eyes. Kangin looked mildly put off, but didn’t make an attempt to move him off.

“Okay…” Donghae looked at Ryeowook and Yesung. It looked like Ryeowook kept trying to make conversation with Yesung, but Yesung was being oddly standoffish, refusing to meet Ryeowook’s eyes and giving only monosyllabic responses. Weird, Donghae thought.

“Sungmin-hyung,” Donghae said, meeting Sungmin’s eyes. “What do you want to eat?”

“Nnnn…,” Sungmin stared at the ceiling and thought.

“Jajangmyun,” Kyuhyun said distractedly, playing another video game. Donghae and Sungmin both looked at him and then at each other.

“Is that okay?” Sungmin asked. Donghae nodded.

“Yah, Ryeowook, Yesung-hyung,” Sungmin said, standing up and flipping open his cellphone. They both looked up. Donghae thought Ryeowook’s expression was strained. “Do you guys want jajangmyun?”

They shrugged. “That’s fine,” Ryeowook said quietly.

Donghae looked at Kangin. “Okay?”

“Okay,” Kangin said, yawning.

Donghae looked down at Eunhyuk and lightly poked his arm. “Okay?” he asked again. Eunhyuk nodded. Was he falling asleep?

Sungmin counted the people in the room with his finger and made the call, walking out of the room.

They passed the next half-hour curled up on the couch, talking and re-bonding with each other. When the food came, they all ate hungrily, and the mood lifted significantly. Donghae and Heechul stayed until it was almost midnight before they decided to leave.

Donghae gathered his clothes from the bathroom; they were only a little damp now. Eunhyuk followed him in and lightly touched Donghae’s shoulder. Donghae looked at him as he folded his clothes.

“What’s up?”

“About what happened earlier…,” Eunhyuk looked at his feet. “I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have been so careless, I could’ve-”

“It’s okay,” Donghae said, putting a hand on his shoulder. “Nothing happened.”

Eunhyuk nodded. Donghae hugged him with one arm and then walked out, saying his goodbyes to the rest of the members. On his way out, he looked back and met Eunhyuk’s eyes briefly and smiled.

“Where’d you go today?” Heechul asked him as they climbed the stairs up to their own dorm.

“Nowhere,” Donghae said. “We just got a coffee.”

Heechul muttered something about how Donghae could’ve brought coffee back for him, and then asked Donghae a few general questions about his trip. He mostly knew everything already, though; Hangeng would have told him a lot.

Eeteuk welcomed them back from the couch where he was watching television in his pajamas, his hair tied up into a tiny ponytail on top.

Heechul poked Donghae. “Can I have my gift now?”

“Hyung!” Donghae said, looking at him with large, sad eyes. “Aren’t I your real gift?”

“No? Can I have it, please?”

“Tomorrow,” Donghae promised, waving Heechul away. Heechul shrugged, giving him a disappointed look. He returned to his room, no doubt to use the computer. Donghae leaned over the back of the couch next to Eeeteuk.

“Hyung, did you eat?”

Eeteuk replied in the affirmative. “You?”

Donghae nodded. “Is Shindong in?”

“Yeah, but he’s asleep. He said he’d say hello to you tomorrow.”

“Okay...night then, hyung.”

“Night, Donghae. Sweet dreams!” Eeteuk smiled at him.

He hung up his damp clothing and brushed his teeth quickly, watching himself in the mirror.

He turned off the light in his room and flopped down onto his bed, rubbing his forehead and forgetting to change out of Eunhyuk’s clothes. He felt happier than he had when he woke up today, to say the least.

He pulled back the blanket and curled up beneath it, feeling suddenly empty and isolated now that Eunhyuk wasn’t here with him. Closing his eyes, he drifted into an uneasy sleep, pulled out of the brink of sleep a few times by the memory of Eunhyuk falling into the busy street. If he had been hit…

Donghae’s chest constricted with fear, and he reminded himself that Eunhyuk was fine; he was probably already asleep a floor below.

Eventually the constant sound of rain lulled him into an uneasy sleep, tossing and turning.

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